NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Statistical Audit Closure

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In the logical continuation of my progress report of July (1), the following retro-prospective consolidation will close the "permanent statistical audit report (2)" which I opened in 2013 on "MAC OS X Mountain Lion (3)" in a shared professional web hosting environment (4), and enable me to square the problem-solving cycle with a validated demonstration of all issues that need to be fixed upstream of the web-sustained content production process.
Societal Watch
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The subsidiary question awaiting conclusions in this statistical subject-matter area concerned the scalability of the "OVHcloud Web Statistics (OWStats [5])" tool which replaces "Urchin v6" since 2020, and was clarified for good as part of the processing of my last request for technical assistance to the OVHcloud customer support services regarding the incident that occurred in April with the aggregation of my own web statistics.
Legal Watch
While "OVHcloud Web Statistics" does not free the administrator of a shared web hosting package from the limitations inherited from its predecessor "Urchin Software", which Google abandoned in March 2012 to focus on the development of Google Analytics (6), the simple fact that OWStats is a "natively French in-house web analytics tool" suffices to create the legal and technical conditions which - by removing a disadvantageous third-party dependency upstream - make it possible to envisage a complete redevelopment at the "(native) Intranet+" level.
Economic Watch
This is where the "Next Generation Web ISO-sphere of Planet+Ultra®" comes in, which I represent as the head of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising program (founding manager in the making), and which, as a global solution, has been thought out and conceived in such a way as to enable the (self-managed [7]) redeployment of the entire "World Wide Web (8)" into a fully master-franchised version of a "(sovereign) Next Generation Web Organization".
  • 7. Self-managed by any individual or entity holding responsibility for a specific web perimeter.

  • 8. Internet of social networks included.

Orga-Tech Watch
Insofar as the problem - considered as a systemic whole - resides less in a particular "upstream tool (such as Urchin)", which any web services provider (such as OVH France) is likely to inherit sooner or later, than in everything that is missing all around (Planet+Ultra® [9]), which is why it is necessary to act on the "IP parameter (considered as a lever of action [10 & 11])" in order to solve the actual transparency issue with network uses, I can only assure you that the integral solution to all network evils already resides in my Codex+Ultra® of conceptual specifications for all levels of dedicated web services (12), such as the "(multi-OS-enabled) Externet+" level of which "OVH Télécom (13)" could be a master-franchised partner...considering further that the "NetPlusUltra®" brand which I created needs an official web services provider (in the fields of both telecommunications and web hosting).
Cultural Watch
To summarize, it can be confirmed that the fundamental problem which persists in the accounting of IP addresses and which undermines one of the safety pillars of the entire World Wide Web (namely: user registration, upon which proper user identification depends) is the lack of prior or integrated classification of aggregated IP addresses, by level of reliability: fixed, dynamic, or "delocalized" through a Virtual Private Network (VPN [14]). Thus, whereas a "user session" corresponds to a single visitor in real time, the aggregated monthly data no longer distinguishes between such visitors who always connect from the same fixed IP address, those who also or only use a dynamic IP address (during a mobile connection while roaming, for example), and those who switch to another IP address each time they connect using a VPN (14). By default, the interpretation of monthly data aggregated on a per-session basis therefore remains largely distorted, which is why I have decided to no longer update the data in the "Statfolio (15)" section of my Techfolio, since this fundamental flaw is now validated.
Integrative Watch
All this brings us back to what the "Virtual Private Network" was originally meant to be, namely: a tool for the securement of remote connections and communications within and between private corporate networks (16 & 17), and not - as it has become throughout my publication phase since 2013 - a commercial tool for legal circumvention in the service of anonymity (and therefore also of spying) on the web. A "Virtual Parallel Network" in a way, i.e. the perfect opposite of what the conceptual integrity principle of the web-sustained master-franchising system of Planet+Ultra® provides for in this matter. Subscribing to such a VPN offer (14) is therefore equivalent to opting for the "Outfolio (18)" option which excludes from Planet+Ultra®.
Scientific Watch
You will have understood that as a "Next Generation Web ISO-sphere" sustaining both the development and global implementation of the "nec plus ultra" in web-enabled master-franchising (9 & 19), Planet+Ultra® will be conceptually shielded by its own "Master-sustained SSL-VPN solution (15)", whose first purpose it will be to (legally) authorize and (technically) enable access to the networks of the master-franchising system to any conceptually eligible IP address, which implies to provide for both the legal and technical compliance of any IP address whose characteristics are below the requirements that are necessary to make the guarantees inherent in the provision of such a master-franchise-sustained web service work (20). In the meantime, I expect my web services provider "OVHcloud" - for such a franchise partnership to work - to enhance the "default" version of its "OWStats" offering in such a way that will enable me, as a global web solutions provider, to selectively break down - by type of IP address - the monthly statistics which aggregate on the "Debit+Ultra®" side of reference of my global meta-reporting perimeter, in a shared professional web environment (21).
FR version published by Daniela BERNDT on 2022-08-20. Translation into EN completed on 2022-08-26.
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