NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Recommended "Base+" Configuration for MacOS

Version 3.7/2023
Unlike the website-based specifications published under the "net-plus-ultra" (1) domain name designating my (future) web services, which correspond to the visible declarative part of my CMS-enabled multisite installation (2) in development under access restriction, the "Omega Sandbox", whose production start I announced on my Metafolio (3) against the background of the preparation of v2.2/2018 of the present changeblog, is dedicated to the building blocks under permanent improvement of my "recommended conceptual configuration for Mac users", as declared in the "End Credits" section of all my websites.
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Remastered under macOS High Sierra v10.13.6 and Catalina v10.5.5:
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Protect (latest version), by Weavers Kingdom.
Image gallery stack (v2.2/2018+)
Photo (latest version), by Nick Cates Design.
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Stacks (latest version), by YourHead Software.
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