NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Foreword to Version 3.0/2020

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How to measure a qualitative return on experience pertaining to conceptual capitalization, while at the same time maintaining a sustainable dynamic of change within continuity, when the principle of the conceptual separation of concerns with a view to the securement of added value requires to resort to app-based web design tools which come short of an automated journaling feature at end user level, knowing that such a feature could compromise the very principle that is supposed to keep authors self-sustained? This entirely remastered v3.0/2020 of the present changeblog (1) brings a full (graphic) bundle (06/10 [2]) of answers to precisely that type of questions pertaining to the "conceptualization of global systemics underlying web design".
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About v2.2/2018

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As announced in my status update of 2018-05-17 (1), the present v2.2/2018 shall be considered against the background of the entry into force of the GDPR, of which it proposes an integrated assessment based on the French "10-point guide to the GDPR" (2), which I invite you to read beforehand (3).
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About v1.0/2016

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The renewal of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained auditing cycle, as we approach the date of the annual macOS upgrade to Sierra, brings to the fore the necessity to detach the societal legitimacy issues underlying this master franchising solution for web authors, which are addressed on my Dashfolio, from the questions pertaining to the technical implementation of this problem-solving matrix at each level of the NetPlusUltra®-enabled perimeter.
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