NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Profile-Activities-Resources Adequacy

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Starting from the conceptual reassertion requirement validated in the previous blog entry, my objective for the "Externet+ / Lightweight" stages remains - at master-franchisor level - to integrate the inventory of all shortcomings that flaw our starter configurations - on both sides of a globally unbalanced sheet of consumption and production accounts - into a catalogue of master-franchise-enabled service level guarantees to be provided at the Externet+ level.
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Orga-Tech Dimensions

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It is the conceptual integrity principle invoked in the foreword to the present v2.2/2018 which, by monitoring the integration of validated returns on experience into the master-franchising system’s knowledge spectroscopy for decision-making, turns each franchised author into his·her own "Data Protection Officer" (1), until the growth of the latter’s activity justifies the partial delegation of the underlying perimeter of responsibility to another duly franchised partner. Indeed, considering that all data generated by the author goes into the latter’s value creation process in order to be transformed into a knowledge intensive web product and/or service with high commercial value, it is not conceivable to transfer the responsibility of the control of the author’s intangible business assets over to a third-party (2) without infringing the legitimate content owner’s double moral and financial right to sustain a living from his·her creations.
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About v1.0/2016

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The renewal of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained auditing cycle, as we approach the date of the annual macOS upgrade to Sierra, brings to the fore the necessity to detach the societal legitimacy issues underlying this master franchising solution for web authors, which are addressed on my Dashfolio, from the questions pertaining to the technical implementation of this problem-solving matrix at each level of the NetPlusUltra®-enabled perimeter.
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