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Web Stats Debrief 2019-2022

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In order to provide my visitors with a more pertinent (i.e. legible) overview of the evolution of my web statistics since the enactment of the GDPR on 2018-05-25 (1), which occurred at the same time as my request for clarification of declarative situation reached its litigation phase, I enriched the present website with a Statfolio section (2), which - though password-protected - will remain accessible in demo mode until the launch of my CMS-focused production phase (hence the background image of the login page, which suggests a future "VPN+" solution entirely dedicated to the master-securement of my global web construction site [3]).
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To put it briefly, this new section provides a monthly breakdown, year by year since 2019, of the statistical data aggregated by OVHcloud’s new Web Statistics tool (or "OWStats") which replaced "Urchin v6" in May 2020 (4). Considering that OWStats logs visits session-wise, rather than by IP address as was the case with Urchin, my Web Stats Debriefing for 2013-2018 (5) remains valid with regard to all bottom-line issues arising from the limitations of the prevailing statistical model in general (6).
In terms of traceable improvements on the statistical front since 2014 (7, 8), all things seem to be converging into the right direction (9, 10), not least owing to my NetPlusUltra®-sustained Masterfolio (11).
Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2022-02-24.
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