NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Statistical Audit Closure

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In the logical continuation of my progress report of July (1), the following retro-prospective consolidation will close the "permanent statistical audit report (2)" which I opened in 2013 on "MAC OS X Mountain Lion (3)" in a shared professional web hosting environment (4), and enable me to square the problem-solving cycle with a validated demonstration of all issues that need to be fixed upstream of the web-sustained content production process.
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Web Stats Debrief 2019-2022

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In order to provide my visitors with a more pertinent (i.e. legible) overview of the evolution of my web statistics since the enactment of the GDPR on 2018-05-25 (1), which occurred at the same time as my request for clarification of declarative situation reached its litigation phase, I enriched the present website with a Statfolio section (2), which - though password-protected - will remain accessible in demo mode until the launch of my CMS-focused production phase (hence the background image of the login page, which suggests a future "VPN+" solution entirely dedicated to the master-securement of my global web construction site [3]).
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