NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Conceptual Reassertion

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In order to enable each and everyone - at their own pace and level - to step back and reconsider the big picture of what remains to be accomplished, I suggest we start with a conceptual reassertion of the initial mission statement (1, 2, 3) to be translated:
  • into sub-objectives,
  • into action plans,
  • into resources and means:
    • both quantitatively intelligible,
    • and qualitatively measurable.
The global systemic issue pending resolution is that of the lack of transparency of internet uses in general, which is a direct aggregate consequence of the non-existence of an unified understanding of best networking practices. This structural pitfall crystallizes itself - at the "breakpoint 0" of all contradictory practices (4) - into a conflict of diverging interests opposing embezzled profile groups held captive of one and the same macroeconomic prisoner’s dilemma.
Capitalizing on the objectives defined as early as 2003 (5), and consolidated as from January 2005 into an EVM-sustained (6) web program for knowledge integration, the "Base+Ultra®"-enabled dashboard model refers to a "New Generation" optimization tool conceived so as to enable the franchised user to graft onto any type of problem to be solved, in accordance with a conceptual separation-of-concerns rationale which consists in dismantling whatever can and must be, with a view to recycling and redeploying misallocated resources.
At each web services level, this dashboard will have to empower the franchised user not only to measure in real time the state of advancement of his web project or program, using conceptualized EVM indicators (7), but also to make appropriate decisions pertaining thereto.
On macOS, a dashboard view refers to the ways by which the operating system will empower the franchised user to gain an unified understanding of the uses he is making of his mobile and/or desktop devices (8, 9, 10), considering further that each application provides a complementary sub-window specifically dedicated to the underlying franchise perimeter the said app serves to optimize.
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As the exclusive producer of your capitalization base, it is your responsibility to configure your devices according to the principle of conceptual convergence towards the best possible aggregate outcome (referring to the global economic balance), knowing that your ultimate (i.e. integrated) control and piloting center is none other than your own brain, considered as an incubator.
This is where my NetPlusUltra®-sustained master-franchising solution for web-enabled societal R&D sets in, in the form of a Codex+Ultra®, which - as a catalogue of master-franchised service level guarantees - remains for me to get integrated into our operating systems, so as to enable each and everyone to optimize their network experience at all levels (11), without ever risking to become yet another cash cow of the said operating system.
From my own perspective as the Master-Franchisor, the objective therefore remains more than ever to prevent any and all conflict of diverging interests between groups of users from various socio-economic backgrounds, not only through a conceptually imagineered sandbox rationale (see Keynote page below) which will have to enable each and everyone to verify in real time that their own (personal) uses and (professional) practices remain compliant with a master-franchising regulation under permanent optimization (12).
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Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2020-07-16.
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