NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Economic Dimensions

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Unlike the GDPR, which repeals and replaces the outdated directives of 1995 to harmonize national EU laws, my Codex+Ultra®, whose beginnings date back to my personal context of the years 2000 to 2003 (1), was developed upon the following findings:
  1. All existing portage solutions aiming for web-sustained business creation are extremely defaulted in terms of the protection of the intellectual property of the project author and initiator,

  2. As an Open Systems Interconnection, the internet has no legal form dedicated to its hyper-specific transformation potential,

  3. …all of which aggregates into the disastrous macro-economic effect of discouraging private business initiative, by making intellectual property law inapplicable.

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This systemic diagnosis, which in 2000-2003, was already the result of several years of academic and professional specialization in the area of economic sciences and management (2), mutated into a permanent R&D focus in the matter, whose outcome is a web-enabled master-franchising solution for authors of responsible citizenship (i.e. for the conduct of societal R&D [3]).
Whereas the GDPR should prove useful to enable individuals and organizations to upgrade outdated practices which keep them defaulted below ever-evolving safety requirements, the Codex+Ultra® induces a paradigm shift (as much as a value jump) in order to empower franchised users (regardless of the scope of their membership perimeter) to assume their responsibilities as authors right upon entry into the conceptual capitalization process (4), through a meta-reporting dashboard which provides access to the means to produce a Webfolio of sustainable network activities (5).
Considering that the purpose of a master-franchising solution is precisely to provide for the secured transmission of know-how, all terms and dispositions of the GDPR are already conceptually integrated into the user experience, in the form of an implementation protocol (the Codex) of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained (web-enabled) incubation formula (the process), which enables franchised users to honestly earn a living by taking an active part in the aggregation of the master-franchising system’s spectroscopy for decision-making.
The dispositions of the present article are summarized in the following presentation, which you will also find on the corresponding Keynote page:
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Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2018-06-09.
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