NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Integrative Dimensions

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The reintegration of all dimensions of the intellectual property paradigm into a proof of concept to be deemed compliant in terms of conceptual integrity implies the introduction, against the background of the implementation of my master franchising solution for web authors, of four conceptual identifiers conceived so as to provide for the virtuous aggregation of all things compliant into a globally balanced reporting dashboard. This strategy is laid out in the following presentation, from the perspective of the conceptual convergence of equipments.
Web address
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Considering that the Externet+ level is entirely dedicated to the custom configuration of the Unified Conceptual Declaration (1), with a view to the sustainable securement of the underlying source perimeter, which requires a duly master-franchised computer device, the NetPlusUltra® strategy by which franchised users are required to assume command and control of their own virtual Data Processing Office enables not only to make sure that everyone becomes aware of what is at stake right upon registration, but also to redefine all (dys)functional roles imposed by the GDPR towards the conceptual simplification thereof, along the necessary-and-sufficient rationale keeping compulsory declarations (i.e. data retrieval procedures) at an optimum.
In line with this first objective, the second requirement to be met is about guaranteeing, through an Intranet+ identifier entirely dedicated to the permanent optimization of the native content production environment, that the franchised user is appropriately enabled to take the full measure of the powers (to not abuse) conferred by a franchised computer device in matters of reserving ownership rights, so as to prevent any and all dilution of efforts or compromission of the value chain arising from the hybridization of practices and perimeters of responsibility (2).
By securing the expansion of the franchised member’s catchment area beyond the necessary and sufficient separation line between native and multi-OS environments, the Extranet+ identifier enables the affiliate user and partner to dedicate his·her web franchising perimeter to the development of a sustainable concept solution, regardless of the economic sector(s) under consideration (from primary to quin[tern]ary). In accordance with the permanent optimization principle through continuous consolidation of the value earned from experience (since NetPlusUltra®, as the ultimate optimum, also refers to the tipping point), the enlargement of the franchised member’s perimeter of responsibility must be sustained by enhanced means of conceptual delegation of the latter, without compromission of the value creation process (3).
It is the Planet+ identifier which, as the ultimate encryption key of an unique digital signature, will enable an (indirectly pre-) affiliated user to become a (directly self-) franchised producer and full-fledged provider of a sustainable web concept solution, i.e. to square his·her incubation cycles into a durably rewarding meta-reporting dashboard. It goes without saying, but I prefer to reconfirm, that the "Planet+ alpha identifier", the one through which the other three will be implemented (according to the deconstructive top-down rationale), is none other than the one which remains for me to create, as the concept author and initiator, as part of the completion of my web incubation program (upcoming phase 3/3), after which the vision presented throughout my concept demonstration path (expiring phase 2/3) will be an accomplished mission at last, i.e. an entirely operational web-enabled master franchising service (4).
Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2018-06-23.
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