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About v2.2/2018

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As announced in my status update of 2018-05-17 (1), the present v2.2/2018 shall be considered against the background of the entry into force of the GDPR, of which it proposes an integrated assessment based on the French "10-point guide to the GDPR" (2), which I invite you to read beforehand (3).
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The upcoming conceptual development follows the ten steps of my Testfolio Omega of 2016 (4); which will be processed - from the GDPR perspective - in five articles covering as many meta-reporting dashboards intended for prospective franchised users (who will be self-declared as consumers and/or producers generating both liabilities and assets).
Considering further that my "Codex+Ultra®", as the master-franchised user’s future online guide of reference, meets all GDPR requirements by design , i.e. by virtue of the web franchising system’s integrated matrix approach (according to the conceptual integrity principle), I will start by reviewing the major terminological equivalences, with a view to enabling a more transparent distinction between a fragmented approach of the terms and dispositions of the GDPR, and NetPlusUltra®’s matrix-sustained strategy (please refer to the Slidefolio page in case of display issues on mobile devices):
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Last but not least, the footer area of each article of this special edition is enhanced with a list of redirections to complementary contents pertaining to the argument under consideration. For a reminder of the building blocks of my conceptual configuration, which aims at determining the reference liabilities (in terms of production costs) of the master-franchise-enabled meta-reporting perimeter, please refer to the End Credits page (5) of the present website.
Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2018-06-06.
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