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Profile-Activities-Resources Adequacy

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Starting from the conceptual reassertion requirement validated in the previous blog entry, my objective for the "Externet+ / Lightweight" stages remains - at master-franchisor level - to integrate the inventory of all shortcomings that flaw our starter configurations - on both sides of a globally unbalanced sheet of consumption and production accounts - into a catalogue of master-franchise-enabled service level guarantees to be provided at the Externet+ level.
The challenge to be met at this level of entry into the web franchising system is that of the adequacy (to be placed) under permanent auditing between the declared (and validated) activities of a self-affiliated profile and the resources that the latter must be granted access to in order to achieve the objectives which define his or her life project-oriented mission (1).
Considering that the whole benefit of a continuous validation of competence gained from experience by exclusive integration of best practices lies in the "master guarantee" that the community of users as a whole will not indefinitely reinvent the hot wheel, it is the very design of the declarative configuration interface that the prospective franchisee will use to activate his or her web services which will lock the underlying integrated system upwards, i.e. into virtuous inclusion dynamics.
Insofar as the user experience at the Externet+ level will be entirely dedicated to the Unified Conceptual Declaration as a self-census dashboard for real-time optimization, the latter will not only serve as a conceptual SWOT-inspired framework of reference for the permanent self-assessment of the profile-activities-resources adequacy, but also be designed so as to remain at all time under the entire responsibility of the legitimate rightsholder, of whom the said unified declaration is inseparable.
To the extent that the user’s self-registration procedure will be similar to the declarative activation and configuration of the web services necessary for the management of the franchise perimeter to be created, it is through the app-based messaging dashboard to be dedicated to the administration of mission-related activities that the franchisee will secure his (her) activation, maintenance and production metadata, whereby the non-intrusive (anonymized) monitoring thereof will enable the master franchising system to verify in real time that such mission-related data remains consistent with the evolution of the franchise license holder’s declarations.
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The same rationale will apply to the franchised user’s self-profiling modules, whose visible front-end interfaces will have to be devised so as to guarantee the web services provider that a profile page published by a franchise license holder remains at all time consistent with the latter’s datalogged activities, and that no visitor is at risk of being exposed to phishing attempts by empty-shell-website providers. In order to spare the franchisee an abusive overlap of redundant data collection procedures with each new web service activation, the web franchising system will pre-fill each new compulsory profile page by collecting necessary and sufficient service-relevant data from the unified source declaration of the requesting rightsholder, so as to leave the latter free to choose from the remaining customization options, as a guarantee for added value.
In terms of conceptual integrity, a successful adequacy of profile, activities and resources will translate for the franchisee into an optimized user experience that remains improvable along the value chain, and a "bonus credit" rewarding the adoption of best practices by on-demand support services to be provided whenever the time is right to renew web services and equipments. To the extent that the slightest trend confirming discrepancy will first be automatically (i.e. objectively) notified to the affiliate member by the master franchising system’s concept radars, which will provide the franchise guarantees for such an integrated support, a malus will only be applied in such cases when suggestions for optimization notified by the capitalization system are not followed up by the warned rightsholder, neither in the form of declarative updates nor through feedback reports for example.
The upgradability of the user experience inside the web-enabled master franchising system will be sustained by the very design of the problem-solving process itself, which, as a concept solution in matters of creating value and reengineering vicious circles into virtuous dynamics, is entirely conceived so as to underlie sustainable web development at all levels (2). At the Externet+ level, the application of this "master principle" starts with the securement of the "Base+" configurations of entry into the franchising network.
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Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2020-08-13.
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