NetPlusUltra® Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Squaring the Problem-Solving Cycle

In these times of intermission debriefings of all sorts, it is my pleasure to offer you - as a musical interlude - a video-enabled retro-prospective of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained squaring of the conceptual problem-solving cycle covering the entire development period 2000 to 2019 (1).

Since there is always a "before", the adventure begins in 1999 (at a time when I was literally breaking through the doors of perception), "crosses" the burst of the Internet bubble of 2000, and expands towards infinity at (the) point (of) zero (gravity) which opens a paradoxically privileged (i.e. traumatic) access to new knowledge of the "psi" type, in the form of an "Odyssey 2001 of therapeutic space-time" (2). I will develop this episode further later on in my Playfolio.

The progressive reintegration of all variables of the "grand design" into a web-enabled master franchising solution becomes modelizable as early as 2004 during a perlaborated episode of spontaneous recovery which provides for the diagnosis of a latent state of hypermnesia that opens the way for new developments and opportunities. These perspectives are confirmed and further specified throughout two phases of self-sustained incubation (instruction and publication) against the background of an unprecedented socio-techn(olog)ical revolution (3).

As of 2017, the now closing "Odyssey 2" gears towards a conceptualization of the vectors for action which remain to be integrated into a globally operational infrastructure of "glocal" web services (4).

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Published by Daniela BERNDT on 2019-04-15.


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